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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM3 min read

3 Great Things You Can Accomplish with Pisano!

One thing that never changes in customer experience is the change itself. The most current trend pressures business owners to change and accommodate. “Accommodate what?” you may ask. Back in the day when logistics and supply chain management were fresh buzzwords, customers could not easily access products; so they were mostly product-focused. Today, almost all products are accessible for everyone, anytime. This pushes the product itself out of focus a bit and prioritizes the experience surrounding it.

Business owners now have to accommodate experience-focused customers. If customers do not like the quality of service, they feel free to leave the store because they can find the product they want in some other store. But there is no need to be overtly pessimistic. Technology helps business owners keep their customers in their store. Businesses can collect crucial details about their customers to get to know them. There are indeed many channels to collect customer data; but how can you stay afloat in this huge data ocean?

An Intro to Setting Up Customer Experience with Pisano

Pisano provides fastest and smartest multi-channel feedback collection and analysis platform. It can seamlessly handle customer data from both your offline and online store. It’s one of the easiest tools to get started with if a business owner wants to start collecting data from every customer. It’s also the perfect solution if a business owner wants to learn from customer insights and take action in real time. Pisano has three basic features: feedback collection, customer data analysis, and CRM assistance.

1. Get to Know Your Real Customers

Businesses have many options to collect customer data, such as mystery shoppers or paper surveys. These traditional methods have their own shortcomings. While paper surveys cannot possibly provide a business owner efficient amount of feedback, mystery shoppers do not even involve real customers. However, Pisano embodies both digital and real-time technology in order to surpass these traditional methods.

a. Real-time

Your customers reach you whenever they want via using the Pisano platform. Your staff can instantly respond to customers using the same platform. You get to both solve problems before your customers leave and get to know customers personally. Thus, perfect CX becomes reachable.

b. Digital

Customers can fill Pisano survey just in three seconds. It allows you to easily reach an efficient amount of feedback to create trustworthy analyses. As I said before, Pisano also gives you more than enough time to solve customer problems thanks to its fast feedback process. Also, you can create your own personal survey flow with Pisano. For example, a business can announce its new campaigns in the survey just like how our customer McDonald’s did, or offer the chance to customers to choose a new car air freshener smell like BP.

2. How Can You Swim in the Huge Customer Data Ocean?

Pisano platform classifies customer data according to specifications and widgets you choose. Pisano prepares reports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Users are free to choose among widgets to suit their needs, such as general satisfaction, satisfaction with cleanliness, or satisfaction with the WC’s. So, a user can learn crucial details via customer insights about his/her brand. Action plans based on these kinds of reports are trustworthy and powerful.

3. Pisano is the Best Assistant for Your CRM Tools

Pisano contributes to and supplements existing CRM systems with real customer feedback. It provides businesses many types of customer information; so CRM systems can easily fill in missing customer information. This helps in creating better segmentation. With customized survey flows, users can collect any information type they want and check validity of their foresights. Thanks to this, customer journey maps become much more reliable and practical. With Pisano, you get to create amazing action plans enriched with myriad of data from your own customers. Are you ready to start?