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All-in-One Experience Management Solutions

Collect, analyze and act on customer and employee feedback across all touchpoints with a unified XM platform to improve satisfaction, drive repeat business and grow sustainably.

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From Feedback to Business Impact 

Deliver Exceptional Experiences Everywhere

Understand the sentiment, identify opportunities, and personalize interactions at every touchpoint with in-depth experience insights. Build a customer-centric mindset and a thriving workplace culture to stay ahead of the competition.

Listen to the Voice of the Customer

Collect and manage omnichannel customer feedback by engaging in real-time at every step of the customer journey. Leverage advanced analytics and AI to gain a deeper understanding of your customers. Track and report your overall success by uncovering key experience metrics such as NPS, CSAT & CES. Explore CX Solutions

Amplify the Voice of the Employee

Measure and manage employee sentiment through the Employee Experience journey. Track Employee Lifecycle Score (ELC) in real-time. Increase employee engagement and satisfaction to create a more productive workforce.
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A Unified XM Platform Designed for Success

Take action while others wait. Deploy rapidly, get started quickly, and scale seamlessly.
Bypass all onboarding challenges with the most flexible and dynamic XM platform.

Easy To Buy

Pisano offers flexible solution packages with everything you need to launch an Experience Management program, without any user, survey, or feedback limits. Jump-start feedback collection and scale seamlessly as your business grows.

Easy to Integrate

Get started quickly with a proven methodology, where 95% of users are up and running in just 45 days. Choose the deployment option suits your needs from On-premise to Private Cloud or Public Cloud. Leverage built-in integrations to connect seamlessly with your CRM, marketing automation, or other business tools.

Easy to Use

Don't waste time on complex interfaces. Pisano's intuitive design ensures quick adoption by everyone, regardless of technical expertise, boosting adoption rates across your organization.


Ready to step into the future of experience management?

Leo helps you craft pinpoint surveys, gain deeper insights, simplify away your repetitive load and much more in the blink of an eye.


A Global Network of Satisfied Users

Pisano creates over 100 NPS champions within industry leaders in 20+ countries. Our experience management platform empowers businesses to reach outstanding satisfaction and referral rates, with customers becoming true advocates.

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Pisano recognized as a

Customers’ Choice for Voice of the Customer Platforms on Gartner Peer Insights™

Pisano met or exceeded the market average Overall Experience and market average User Interest and Adoption.
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A Leader in Voice of the Customer Market

"Pisano provides a comprehensive VoC platform to gather, analyze, and interpret consumer feedback data that enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers, resulting in better decision-making and increased customer satisfaction.''
Preshit Parab Analyst, at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions
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Tailored to Your Industry


Understand customer preferences across all channels (online, in-store, mobile) and optimize every touchpoint for higher conversion rates and increased customer loyalty.

→ Enhance Your Retail Experience


Collect feedback at key moments in the customer journey (claims process, renewals) to identify areas for improvement and foster stronger relationships with policyholders.

→ Enhance Your Insurance Experience

Travel & Hospitality

Gather feedback throughout the travel journey (booking, accommodation, activities) to personalize guest experiences and drive positive online reviews.

→ Enhance Your Travel & Hospitality Experience


Gain insights from all touchpoints (sales, service, ownership) to improve customer satisfaction, identify service gaps, and promote brand advocacy.

→ Enhance Your Automotive Experience


Capture customer feedback on product selection, checkout process, and overall user experience to optimize your online store and maximize conversions.

→ Enhance Your E-Commerce Experience

Why Industry Leaders Worldwide Chose Pisano

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Pisano is the choice to hear the voice of the customer.

"Our company has been working with Pisano for a long time, but have been user for only 6 months. I find it extremely easy to use with user friendly-interface, and can smoothly navigate through it. Whenever I need support the expert team behind the scenes provides fast solutions. Pisano has been solution partner that we are very satisfied with and strongly recommend using as customer satisfaction platform."

''True Delivery and Company Culture which allowed us to go live in 4 days.''

"Incredible delivery and company culture throughout our journey with Pisano. We were using another solution provider in feedback collection space when we met Pisano. from the first moment that we engaged with the whole team was there to have conversations beyond standard buyer-supplier relationship. We and how would we achieve our digital transformation goals were always at the heart of our conversations."

"Professional Team, Quality Product, Fast support, Continuing Development"

"Pisano has a very good team, including its founders and senior management. We have been in business relationship for many years. It's incredible where they've come from. I hope they become a much bigger company. They always did not spare their support in terms of price and product, whenever we wanted."

"Userfriendly Platform To Rollout Organisation Wide"

"We work with Pisano for more than 3 years now. We had many new projects integrating Pisano to our website, CRM, Call Centre etc. I worked on this project hands on with a colleague from IT and we were able to integrate Pisano platform to every platform we wanted."

"Ourstanding Support and Experience"

"We are able to track and analyze the feedback left by our visitors accurately. So, we learn about both our strengths and areas for improvement. "

"The Pisano team is there whenever you need them"

"Pisano is one of the best programs that has made our business much easier in increasing customer satisfaction since the day we started working together"

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Master the art and science of experience management. Learn from the leading industry professionals, access exclusive documents, guides, ebooks and more at Pisano Academy.

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