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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM5 min read

Your New Integrated Customer Feedback Management System

 “Every great decision starts with a question, and evolves with continuous feedback.”

We collected millions of feedback responses for hundreds of brands up till today, and strive to collect even more. We also collect feedback from our customers, just as you do. We ask them their needs, things they think that we can improve, or what they are not satisfied with. The sentence above, is not only a marketing material or a source of inspiration for us; also a way of telling our story and our evolution.

Of course, our evolution still continues and will probably never stop. We added features to our product, based on the needs and pain points of our customers, instead of suggesting other products that would solve small portions of their problems. This approach stems from our vision of making our product useful for real world feedback management - not just minor aspects. We call this approach “Pisano’s All-in-One Product Philosophy”.

What is this All-in-One Product Philosophy supposed to mean?

Briefly stated, Pisano is a versatile product that minimises your need for third party applications and you can manage all your feedback process only using Pisano. Even after you finish collecting, Pisano helps you to engage with the respondent with email or in real time. You get valuable insights, that can improve your management process, thanks to the reports.

Let’s dig a little deeper to understand what Pisano offers. What makes it different and what are its advantages and useful features?

Quick and Practical Feedback Collection

As we all know, how you serve your customers is as important as your product’s quality, features, pricing or even your product itself. Your customers want to be listened to and get strong and consistent responses. If you satisfy your customers, they’ll keep coming and also recommend you to their families, friends or colleagues.

When it comes to listening to customers, the first thing that comes to mind is collecting feedback. Of course, you can get individual and face-to-face feedback from all your customers, if you have enough time and patience. And, you should also pass on the data you have obtained, or you might lose them all. “Alright then customers, get your pens and papers, it’s pop feedback time!” Clearly, all your customers might not like this idea, and still you have to transfer the data for other processes like reporting.

Phew, fortunately we don’t collect feedback like this anymore :)

Now, it is possible to collect feedback in a much faster and more practical way with the help of technology. You can pick one of the specially curated templates of Pisano or start from the scratch with your own, original questions.

You can start to get feedback by connecting the flows you create with your customers via the channels you choose.

Link, email and web widgets are our online channels. You can direct people to your feedback flow with a special link/QR code or with e-mail. The web widget is another communication channel that you can add to your web site and allows you to talk with your customers in real time without an intermediary. In short, you can also call it live chat window.

It is possible to collect contact information within your feedback flows. This allows you to chance to respond them about their feedback. One of the most prominent features of Pisano is the inbox, which also comes into play at this point.

Respond Instantly to Customer Feedback

Feedback responses are coming, feedback flows in all channels are ticking. When your customer has a request or has a complaint about your company in real life; you try to solve the problem as soon as possible. But when we have a non face-to-face communication with our customers, responding instantly might be a little bit harder.

Designed to help you manage your customer communications in the easiest way, Pisano’s inbox can be a topic of whole different blog post. We know customer communication is not anything new and many alternatives can be found with a simple web search, but the Pisano inbox, significantly improves your customers’ and even your experience. Because it is embedded deeply into the feedback management platform.

You can respond to feedback by using inbox. And communicate wherever you go, with our mobile app with email or in real time. You can make you job even easier with features such as tagging, auto assignment and many more.

Plan Your Every Step with Accurate and Strong Data

So far so good! You respond to feedback instantly and easily and the bond between you and customers is getting stronger day by day. But it’s not enough, you wish to be able to analyze your data in detail to see what you’re good at, what people ask the most or what you might do better.

Reports use the feedback data collected from channels and turn them into useful insights. You can drag or drop any analysis you want, use one of the report templates and get output in any format you want. You can create multiple reports to make comparisons. You can make your analysis choices and determine how your data will be presented in your reports page.

Thanks to these reports, you can see how you handle the problems of your customers in the long term and prevent possible issues even before they occur. You can project your next step by using the strong data and make better decisions or -if you’re in a large enterprise- provide great reports for management.

It’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

When it comes to managing feedback time is critical, you need to be fast and responsive. Because in today’s world, time is one of the most important sources. With an all-in-one product, we also save your time. You may wonder, how?

With all the features we’ve mentioned above, we make managing all feedback processes possible with one product.  In a world without Pisano, you have to use different products for each and every one of the web widget, kiosk and email channels. Under these circumstances, it is not only the disconnect between the independent data; we are talking about the different inboxes for each channel, the different reports and the valuable minutes lost for you.

Pisano’s all-in-one product philosophy allows you to use your money more efficiently as well as your time. It is clear that using different products for everything will burden your customer experience budget and will not benefit your company. Instead of this, one budget-friendly option can increase your efficiency.

Your feedback process could be more efficient and more practical with the help of Pisano. We also have an expert customer success team to assist you in facilitating your business needs. Use the power of feedback to have happier customers. For further information, click here now!