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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM2 min read

Why Should You Use Web Chat?

If your customers cannot reach a solution they’ve encountered while using your product, it spells bad news for you. According to a recent research by White House Office of Consumer Affairs, news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears than praise for a good one.

It should be clear by now that you should add innovations alongside classic methods to stand out among your rivals. We have advice for you: Web chat!

What is Web Chat?

When you use web chat, a conversation box opens on the web page you are visiting. A representative on the other side of the system does a brief introduction and starts chatting with the user. The key message the representative gives is that the user can use web chat when the user needs help.

With web chats, you can ask questions about things you need to learn. By integrating web forms, your conversation takes a shape before you even start talking with the user. Also, you can develop a more customer-focused communication by using basic details and contact info of the user.

What Are the Benefits of Using Web Chat for Your Business?

  • Web chat supports and enhances your customer support and sales team. These two happen to be the backbone of any company at any size.
  • While a call center employee can only take care of one customer at a time; an employee in the web chat system can take care of way more than one. Using web chat makes your call center more efficient, leading to more successful results.
  • According to a survey by American Marketing Association, web chat usage increases conversion rate by 20%, and ROI by 300%.
  • Customers are more likely to work with a business they can reach anywhere, because stable communication points at a company that always listens and cares about its clients.
  • Personalize your chat experience and your CRM system by gathering personal information. You can receive the basic details from your customer within 3 seconds after starting the chat. You can quickly convert web chat data into detailed customer specific reports. This is how reporting through web chat leads you to healthy and powerful action plans.

How do we know all of these benefits of web chat? Because as Pisano, we use web chat to communicate with our own customers. And our customers use our web chat to engage with their own clients. Web chat is one of our key products and we continuously improve the web chat experience we provide with it. Thanks to Pisano’s excellent reporting system, your web chat experience has never been so perfect.