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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM2 min read

What I Learned Working in a Startup: My Experiences at Pisano

I’ve always wondered as a kid why do people work although it makes them so unhappy. During my quest for fulfilling my dreams, I realised that it is a tough world and if you’re not happy with what you do, it is going to be much tougher. Some are able to find the answer to where and what fuels their passion. Some people cannot find the answer. I’m here to explain my journey with Pisano and why I think you might like working at Pisano.

Choosing the right place and organisation is extremely difficult. You might fail at some places and you might win at some. You really have to figure out which type of place makes you happy, not how much you get paid.

Choosing to join a startup is the best place to start. It may not be a very good choice for people who assume that climbing a corporate ladder is a success. Corporates make you lazier and bound to one work which could cause difficulty in figuring out what could be your passion. Life in startups is not so complicated. Working in startups can be considered as a recent trend, but the dynamics are very different from the corporate. Working in a startup requires you to have certain characteristics. Here are some which I think may be good to consider.

The desire to succeed

You need to have the desire to be passionate about something that you really can spend time on, work more hours than usual.


You have to trust. Firstly yourself, then the team and mainly the founder.


Being an entrepreneur is not the same as just having a website or creating a random product. The same is true of entrepreneurial startup’s employees. You take a lot of risks with your team and founder.

Open to learning

Working in a rapidly changing environment needs constant learning. Things change very quickly and no one becomes an expert. You need to be a quick learner unlike just being an expert in one workflow.

Financial expectations

There’s a high chance that you may get paid less than you actually deserve at the beginning as the startup is growing. Your focus should always be work rather than instant money. You have to constantly invest in yourself and your work.

Job Satisfaction

You sometimes have to do the work that an intern does. You sometimes have to pump up the game and immediately make a decision that will be crucial for the future of the company. You create value by your decisions and work. You should be able to see the bigger picture that everyone talks about in the company.


All of us in Pisano have the same dream. A desire to solve customers issues. While we help each other at Pisano, we continue to grow and learn. The founders sitting next to you and sharing their ideas while the team eats together.

These are few reasons and job requirements I found have been suitable for me to chose Pisano. These help me in my career and dream to be an entrepreneur myself.

The enthusiastic “good morning”s accompanied by sincere smiles sets my team apart from others. This place is filled with energy and enthusiasm to achieve tasks at hand.

Pisano’s hiring goal is to become more happy. When everyone in the team is happy, we can create happy customers. Happy customers mean happy business.

Happiness is contagious! :)