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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM2 min read

Commitment. We are bringing the Voice of the Customer to our Board!

We announced a new and exciting partnership with Elevator Ventures back in June. We mentioned how this is going to enable us to expand our reach, improve our products and create even more ways our customers can listen, resolve & sell. What we didn't mention though, was QNBEYOND Ventures' participation in the round. And what their contribution means for our customers and our broader network of supporters.

Although Pisano is a British company today, it was originally founded in Istanbul, Turkey. And although we have customers in more than 30 countries around the world, the Middle East continues to be highly important for us, as we have a significant customer base operating in the region. 

One of our customers, QNB Finansbank, wanted to take our relationship to the next level by becoming a part of Pisano’s growth journey and together, we agreed to bring QNBEYOND Ventures, QNB Finansbank's technology investment arm, as an investor. We see this as a great opportunity for us to bring on our third customer, after Vestel and RBI, onboard as investors. Further emphasizing our commitment to making sure the voice of our customers is highly represented on our Board. And underscoring our broader commitment to our earliest and biggest supporters from the region including T. İş Bankası, AXA, Sompo, Vestel, LCWaikiki, Zorlu Enerji and Aydem — some of the most influential brands of their respective industries around the region.

Speaking of our board, we're tremendously excited to announce that Derya Duner will be joining our board of directors, representing QNBEYOND Ventures. As a senior executive, previously involved in creating the world-renowned customer experience of Enpara, she will bring her immense experience and insights to the board. We're confident that she will empower the whole team at Pisano to be even more customer-obsessed and build the best customer experience solutions for the Financial Services Sector.

So what does this mean for the whole community? It means commitment. Commitment to where we were born, where we were supported the most. We would like to take this chance to provide opportunities to the amazing talent in our region to become a part of a global success story spearheaded from this region. A call to action.

Pisano is a place where everyone — from investors to customers, from founders to all team members — believes in the vision and future of the company. This shared vision creates an environment of high trust, integrity and respect that motivates us to involve everyone in the company to the management of the company. Naturally, this makes Pisano a polyphonic environment where everyone contributes a unique sound, color and quality to a larger cohesive mosaic. Together we are working to create a world where everyone treats their customers and employees as they'd like their children to be treated.

We treat our employees as we treat our customers. We value our employees as we value our customers. We put both employees and customers at the heart of everything we do. That's why, we'd like anyone feeling stuck or underutilized to consider joining us. Anyone feeling that there's no room for improvement in what they're doing. Or anyone that simply feels their voice is not heard to join us. We would like to have you as a part of our growth journey.

Come join us to create a world where everyone treats their customers and employees as they'd like their children to be treated.