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Jul 24, 2018 6:13:00 PM1 min read

"Stronger" with CX: Mars Sportif Now Responds to Its Customers 2x Faster

Turkey’s only corporate fitness chain Mars Sportif was managing customer experience through traditional methods. They were collecting feedback messages through paper forms. It was difficult to transfer them to the right team for analysis. Finding solutions were a result of a long and fragmented process and this led to consequences such as churned customers. Mars Sportif started to work with Pisano to eliminate points of friction in the customer journey and offer seamless customer experience. In less than a year, the company turned the tables and got successful results.




"All Mars Sportif employes are frequent users of Pisano, not just the marketing team."
- Özkan Özyavuz

According to Mars Sportif Marketing Manager Özkan Özyavuz, they couldn’t communicate with their members in real time and it was taking a long time to resolve problems. He said “We are highly satisfied with Pisano’s contribution to our problem-solving process.” and added that they happily use Pisano solutions in all MAC and MACFit clubs.



  • Mars Sportif increased feedback volume by 3x with Pisano.
  • With 2x faster response time, member satisfaction significantly increased
  • Mars Sportif reached its 2018 retention goal mid-year.

Özkan Özyavuz Evaluates Pisano:

“Thanks to the speed of the Pisano technologies, we are able to take real-time actions when we receive complaints. Its practical use enables us to easily communicate with our members and they can easily give feedback through Pisano kiosks at the clubs. The central management feature enables us to communicate with our members and club managers without a mediator.”
— Ozkan Ozyavuz @Mars Sportif5eda470f81168babe3865fe5_OzkanMacfit-47cae408