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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM2 min read

Keep Your Employees Happy If You Want Your Business Surrounded by Happy Customers

Customer experience starts with the need of customers, continues with service encounter and effects of the service continues for a period of time. The most important part of this experience is the part that customer gets in enterprises. During this phase, which is called physical experience, customer and employees have immediate interaction. This reminds us how much employees are important for your enterprises and how this have a significant effect on your customers.

What you give is what you get. You cannot expect good performance from your employees if they are unhappy which makes the level of professionalism quite low and we all know the fact that the performance is affected by emotions. If you want your business surrounded by happy customers you should start working on your employees in the first place. There are some basic tips about how you can keep your employees happy and satisfied.


1. Establish an Open Communication Channel between You and Your employees

You have to pay attention to what happens to your employees in their daily lives since your employees are the building blocks of your enterprise. Unresolved or unshared employee problems are directly reflected to their daily performance. Especially in service sector, since your employees work close to your customers, the motivation of an employee can be directly felt by customers. Having an open communication channel between you and your employees is the key to collect the problems and needs of your employees.

After you listen your employees’ problems and get those problems solved, they embrace your enterprise. That will boost the loyalty and ownership and you shouldn’t forget: every customer wants to be served by the owner.

2. Be Their Role Model

You should be a good example to your employees in business life. If you are hardworking and trustworthy, your employees will be willing to track your way.

You shouldn’t hesitate to share your business experiences with your employees. Successful employees enjoy their job because success brings satisfaction. In other words, satisfied and bonded employees embrace the corporate and work more efficiently. Then you will have the privilege to observe the healthy and strong relationship between your employees and your customers which directly affects customer satisfaction and the success of your business.

3. Arrange Training and Events for Your employees

It is a profitable investment to train your employees. In most sectors and businesses employees are hired for their potential and not for their current abilities. To enhance the potential of the employees investing on both their personal and work related skill development will boost the performance and loyalty of your employees.

Besides, you may organize events to reinforce bonds within your corporate. These events are basis for open communication channel between you and your employees. Thus, since you are out of the office environment, the communication will be easy and warm which is great to understand if there are any problems to be fixed. Sense of belonging positively affects customer satisfaction.

4. Encourage them to generate ideas about enterprises

Encouraging employees to generate ideas about your enterprise is crucial for businesses. A shared goal gathers all the people on the same page working for the same goal.

Handling business problems as a team, sharing the responsibilities will ease the process from production to customer. Operational excellence will positively affect the value of your business in the eyes of your customer.

Long story short, keep your employees happy, first, if you want a more profitable business surrounded by happy customers.