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Oct 11, 2016 7:00:00 PM1 min read

How to Create Successful Guest Experience

We know that there is a fierce competition within lodging industry. The source of this competition is that successful hotels set the bar higher day by day on the guest experience. When the holiday season comes, you should show your hotel’s distinction among other thousand hotels. At this point, success stories help feature the name of your hotel. When you share happy stories of previous guests, their positive experiences will create a positive brand image for your company which will then positively reflect on both of your branding and the number of your guests.

Ramada Taksim, a famous hotel chain in Turkey, has many successful guest experience stories with Pisano. We want to share one of them with you.

During summer holidays, air conditioner is one of the most valuable tools for hotel rooms. It may become quite an awful summer vacation experience in a hotel room without an air conditioner. One of the Ramada Taksim guests realised that the air conditioner in his room was out of order. He got in contact with hotel employees via the feedback QR code and link provided on the Pisano card. The message was immediately delivered to the employees within the Pisano dashboard system. Employees were able to get back to the guest within seconds. The guest was transferred to another room without delay. As a result of his experience, the guest preferred Ramada Taksim for his next holiday; he even directly booked the hotel without using an intermediary booking website this time.

Listening to the guests before they leave the hotel and taking the proper action improves the brand image in both short and long term.

Ramada Taksim Front Office Manager İskender Yaz commented about this success story:

“After we started to use Pisano’s real-time digital customer survey, we were able to catch our unhappy guests before they left the hotel and solved their problems. We increased the number of happy guests by 40%. Positive comments on the internet written by our satisfied guests increased by 10%. Thank you Pisano.”