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Oct 10, 2016 3:15:00 PM1 min read

Are Your Stores Accessible?

13 October is both World Sight and World Kindness Day. Could there be a more meaningful coincidence? World Sight Day aims to raise awareness of eye diseases and minimising loss of vision. As for World Kindness Day, it is a call to all nations to build a more humane and empathic world. There are people and programs already out there making a difference, such as United Nations Enable. Their latest “free environment” project is centered on redesigning buildings by adding ramps, lifts, special restrooms etc. This meaningful project encourages us to take action. And it is indeed time for all of us to move beyond simple awareness. As a business owner, walk in the shoes of your disabled customers and think: Is my business accessible to all? If you would like the design of your entire store to be customer-focused, you should pay attention to its layout and keep an eye on your current customers where they might feel discomfort.

We prepared some questions to help you provide the most convenient shopping experience for your customers:

  • Are your shopping carts suitable for all customers?
  • Can your customers access everywhere in your store with their wheelchairs?
  • Can your customers access each one of your products?
  • Are your product tags written in Braille alphabet?
  • Are your employees ready to help anytime?
  • Can you provide home services if needed?

By answering these basic questions, you can improve customer-focused approach for your business. Realise the needs of your customers by talking to them. Walk with your clients instead of following them. Make a difference in customer-focused approach and open your mind. You will notice that you understand your customers better day by day.

Also, you can use our real-time digital surveys to hear the voice of your customers from everywhere and every time. Thus, you can learn what your clients think about your business.

We wish more kind and sensitive world to you. Have an excellent World Sight and Kindness Day.