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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM6 min read

Feedback System Usage Examples Part 2

Pisano is a company that provides feedback systems and technologies for a wide range of sectors and cases. In the previous article in this series, we mentioned how you can use Pisano for permission marketing and lead generation. In this article, we will talk about realtime communication and support and offline satisfaction surveys.

Realtime Communication and Support

Realtime communication and support is a way of providing quick service to customers or users about product issues they encounter. These issues may be a wide array of things, as a few examples, people may need support in project planning, product installation, training, troubleshooting or maintenance. Pisano provides dialogue-focused solutions to these support challenges, that can easily fix up these processes and quickly boost satisfaction levels. Namely, Pisano’s web widgets and link based feedback forms make engaging and helping out customers(or users) a breeze. There are other companies that provide solutions similar to Pisano but we believe, these tend to bring more problems to the table rather than solutions. If we’re to look at these problems in more detail;

Online Customer Representative Software

  • You have to spend extra money for each support representative account.
  • It’s impossible to provide support at places which are out of the digital pipeline (stores, restaurants).
  • Organizational hierarchy is difficult to implement - if not impossible, and especially for large support teams this can make managing issues a nightmare.

Web Widget Software

  • They don’t provide intelligent form features that help organize issues into groups.
  • You need to tack on additional services from third-parties, because lacking features like reporting and contact management.
  • Most services charge based on the number of support representative accounts or the number of contacts. This can can end up with you spending tens of thousands of dollars for a simple widget tool.

At Pisano we’re aware of these problems and we work hard at solving them for our customers. Pisano creates communication channels that meet all your needs with innovative solutions. If you prefer the Pisano’s realtime communication and support method;

Pricing is based on the number of channels you use, so if business is going well, the fees grow linearly - not exponentially!Additional information can be captured about support issues with advanced form features. Pisano’s feedback kiosks and QR codes(or shortlinks) enable teams to provide support in the real world, which is great for companies with brick-and-mortar stores or restaurants. It’s an all-in-one solution with enterprise grade reporting, contact management and feedback collection capabilities - all included.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important determining factors about the success of businesses. With Pisano, you can easily go one step ahead of your competitors and delight your customers with world class support. Here’s what our customers, Eataly and BP have to say about us:

"Pisano not only enabled us to reach the customer on sight and immediately about their complaint, but also allowed us to take any precaution or chance of doing business wherever possible, be it in the kitchens, in the preparation areas, or on service points. This is together with giving priority to missing items on the shelves as per demand of the end users on our market floor." - Osman Cenk Akın (Eataly Turkey, General Manager)
"Mystery shopper method was not a correct idea for customer service management at our stations. We wanted to reach real insights of our customers. After starting to use Pisano, we received nearly 10 times the number of feedback we used to collect; all in real-time. With our call center integration, we now support our customers in real-time and turn any negative experience into a positive one by providing instant solutions." - Erhan Kur (BP, Marketing Manager)

Offline Satisfaction Surveys

We know that in order to boost customer satisfaction, companies and teams need effective ways of collecting feedback everywhere, not just online. That’s why Pisano’s feedback kiosks are designed so you can easily collect high numbers of feedback responses in your offline locations, like restaurants and stores, in real time. But boosting satisfaction levels require more than the best ways of collecting feedback. Innovative software solutions are needed to process feedback data at scale and with Pisano's user-friendly dashboard and strong analysis systems, analyzing feedback and engaging with respondents is even easier than collecting thousands of daily feedback responses.

Now that we’ve discussed Pisano’s approach in helping you increase your customer satisfaction. Let's look at some other well-known methods of feedback collection in comparison to Pisano: paper forms and other online surveys:

Paper Forms

  • You can’t get usable data without passing through an optical reader.
  • Having a manual process has a negative effect on the quality of the data, and it’s very difficult to organize the forms.
  • A reprint is required for every change made in the form, which leads to additional expenses and operational overhead.
  • You need separate reporting software for the report.

Other Online Surveys

  • Device management features are not available, third party kiosk software is needed.
  • Most solutions not optimised for mobile screens which result in low response rates.
  • There are no CRM features to stay in touch with the feedback respondents.
  • You can’t change your survey questions in real time as your needs change.

You will never face these problems in Pisano kiosk tablets. Look at what we have to offer in comparison to these other methods:

  • Pisano is innovative and practical.
  • Pisano is fast. You can get immediate feedback.
  • Pisano is reachable. It provides device management features so you can keep track of your kiosk online.
  • Includes customer relationship and customer satisfaction management features.
  • With the reporting dashboard, you don’t need additional, third-party software.
  • Pisano is user-friendly. You can create real-time notifications and digest reports.

If you’re wondering what our customers think about offline satisfaction surveys with Pisano, here’s what ISS and Ramada Taksim Hotel have to say:

"Pisano is our number one address for transforming customer complaints into awarding actions, data analyses into roadmaps, and our energy into deeper customer focus. Their tools have reshaped our operations on a fundamental basis." - Süleyman Çalıkuş (ISS A/S Turkey, Quality Management Director)
"After we started to use Pisano's real-time digital customer surveys, we were able to catch our unhappy guests and solve their problems before they left the hotel. We increased the number of our happy guests by 40%. Positive comments written by our satisfied guests on the Internet increased by 10%. Thank you, Pisano." - İskender Yaz (Ramada Taksim Hotel, Front Office Manager)

Pisano offers you the most appropriate feedback technology for your needs in many different usage areas. In the field of realtime communication and support, you can always keep in touch with your customers with Pisano's innovative solutions and solve your problems without losing time. With offline satisfaction surveys and kiosk devices, you can communicate with your customers that you can not reach online and you can continuously improve satisfaction levels.

Pisano is aware of the importance of correct communication and customer satisfaction for the future of your business. Pisano supports you in every way with its solution-oriented approach and know-how. Discover the power of feedback with Pisano and join the hundreds brands and companies that trust Pisano with their feedback process.