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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM3 min read

Employee Experience Management Recommendations in Extraordinary Times

The ability to be flexible and fast in extraordinary situations is one of the most important abilities that companies need to develop. Nowadays, the separation of companies with strong abilities and those open to development can be easily made by customers. As Pisano, we gathered our suggestions under 5 basics and shared them with you in order to better manage the customer experience during this period. You can find the related content here.

For many business models, our employees are also our customers, so we often use the term “Internal Customer” for our employees. In this period, it is necessary to focus on the voice of employee as well as the voice of customers. Making them feel like we are with them, meeting their needs quickly and keeping their emotional energies high is a must for a good customer experience.

We can easily predict that the brands that understand the concerns of their employees as well as their customers will be one step ahead in the coming periods when the qualified workforce will bring a much more competitive advantage.

As the number of people affected by the Covid-19 epidemic increases every day and the warnings of not leaving the house continue, the psychology of the employees is affected by this and it reflects in their job performance. In this guide, we have compiled for you what can be done in those extraordinary times.

Before sharing our suggestions, you can access the sample survey here that we prepared for you based on our expertise and insights from the best practices.

You can contact our Customer Success team from the widget on the bottom-right corner of this page to assist you design a customized survey for you.

How do we manage this process at Pisano?

We have been following the process since the first day of the epidemic and we took the necessary actions for a healthier working environmen very quickly. We started working from home as of March 16th and we aim to manage this process in a healthy manner by paying attention to the following points.

Technology: In this period, technology is our biggest friend. At Pisano, we use our own product additionnaly to other tools like Basecamp, Slack, Google Meet, Trello, Github and Hubspot to manage our business.

Working Environment: When we started working from home, we first supplied the needs of our colleagues and made sure that they were working in an appropriate physical environment.

Start of the Day: We have a half hour meeting every morning to start the day together and share the latest developments with each other.

Socialization: Although we are not physically in the same place, we don't want this to prevent us from socializing. We hold half an hour coffee chats on Tuesdays and Thursdays using the Slack application additionaly to our weekly happy hours online on Fridays.

Routines and Motivation: We created some routines in order to maitain motivation to work from home and recommended them to our colleagues. Our suggestions were as follows:

  • Set precise and clear boundaries between your work and home life,
  • Do not start work as soon as you wake up,
  • Create a morning routine,
  • Wear your work clothes as if you are going to the office,
  • Get support using some time management tools like the Pomodoro method: Timeout, Be Focused or Smart Break apps (This will also remind you to take a break).      
  • Working from home constantly is different from working from the office, and your body moves less. So don't forget to exercise regularly. You can follow the links below for some home exercises.

Psychology: It is very crucial to protect our psychological health especially in this period. It is also natural that we need support in this direction in this time when we cannot leave the house. We asked our colleagues to contact us in the following cases and stated that we would always be ready to support them and be with them whenever needed.

  • If you feel tired all the time,
  • If you no longer enjoy what you are doing,
  • If you have a physical health problem,
  • If you feel socially excluded or distant from the team,
  • If you cannot constantly meet your daily and weekly goals.

We hope our precautions and experiences will be useful for you.

Here you can find a sample survey form that we prepared using our expertise and insights.

You can contact our Customer Success team from the widget on the bottom-right corner of this page to assist you design a customized survey for you.