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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM1 min read

Customer Success Strategy

Customer success is ultimately about loyalty. Every company wants to loyal customers. Recurring revenue businesses need loyal customers. Acquiring customers is expensive. Really expensive.That makes keeping them a necessity, no matter how big your market might be. It’s simply a losing battle to try to out acquire a high churn rate. So, if a business depends on loyalty, it’s critical to understand what that word means.

If we want to create customer success, it is necessary to design what would make a customer happy. It should be designed to keep alive the customer experience as a whole. This customer experience process is usually planned by customer journey. Customer experience is not just a physical process, it is also a psychological process. The basis, customer is a human, so happiness is a psychological process.

We at Pisano have designed the process for customer happiness according to evolution of human such as birth and growth. We believe that these 7 basic psychological needs will help us achieve customer success strategy.

  1. Trust - Every real relationship starts with trust. You should plan something for your customer to trust you.
  2. Creativity - In relationship, creativity is second step. You should tell your customers some details (that is they have not do know yet) about your product or service. Increase their creativity.
  3. Power - The third step is power. You should need to plan something that will give them strength when they choose your product or service.
  4. Love - This step is most important. You should make plans to win their loves.
  5. Communication - If you complete this step successful, you do not churn your customers.You should get feedback from them. You should covert this feedback to action.
  6. Intuition - You should again and again remind them why they choose your business.
  7. Spirituality - You are now universe. You should plan how to protect this spirituality.

This psychological process is managed by product and marketing actions. These stages are interrelated and needs to be followed in order.

Lets say that a customer has completed trust, creativity power and love we can say that he is ready to communicate with us, which means he is a ta a stage where he can give a referral to us. Some of customer finish these steps within 6 months, some of them take a year.