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Siyavash HeidariNov 24, 2022 4:14:01 PM2 min read

Top 5 Customer Journey Mapping Software Used for Visualization

Undoubtedly without a proper tool, it is next to impossible to create a customer journey map. This is mainly because you need to visually present the journey map drawn both to enhance and utilize it.

There are also other tools and customer journey software that can help you create the journey map from the ground. However, as many experience management specialists tend to do the hard work themselves to maximize accuracy, most of the tools used are the ones related to the visualization of the data and prototyping of the model.

In this Pisano Academy article, we will take a look at the top 5 customer journey software, with a focus on prototyping and visualization tools. We will also provide the information needed for you to choose from them.


Probably one of the most popular platforms right now, Miro is loved by many experts because of its ease of use and simplicity. You do not need any prior design knowledge to work efficiently with this tool. This online collaborative whiteboard has many a lot to offer, but using it as a visualization tool for CJM is definitely one of them.

This is where to start with Miro.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Yes, the ultimate presentation application can also be used to visualize your customer journey map. You simply can use your own skills to draw the journey or use the numerous templates designed for this purpose. Either way, you can expect a reasonable outcome from this well-praised software.
This where to start with Microsoft PowerPoint


The collaborative design tool is mainly used by designers and product teams as it offers a wide variety of graphic tools, all online. Figma provides an even more enhanced feature set than other customer journey mapping software in this list. To utilize it, you only need a good eye for the design and the rest can be done through the simplified panel of the app.

This is where to start with Figma

Adobe XD

A product from Adobe that is a famous name with its various creative software is absolutely worth a shot. Although Adobe XD is not as old as some names in the list and the options in the template library may not be as wide as them, the robustness of the application and the features included making it a perfect choice.

This is where to start with Adobe XD


The sketch is one of the first apps to be used as a customer journey mapping software, giving it the upper hand over its competitors. The variety of templates existing for Sketch is so remarkable that you will definitely find one suitable for your need there.

This is where to start with Sketch


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