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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM1 min read

Celebrating Millions of Feedback Responses with Pisano

Customer experience is a new concept in terms of the name. However, since the beginning of commerce the shopping history there has been a concept, which is called customer relationship. The first customer complaint letter was revealed this year. The complaint letter on the tablet from Babel is currently being exhibited at the British Museum. It was discovered in Ur, which is now within the borders of Iraq. In 1750 b.c, the unhappy client Nanni sent the complaint letter to a person in charge of the service quality named Eanasir.

Customers have always found a way to deliver their thoughts. The interesting part is that Nanni preferred a written form to deliver the complaint instead of verbal form. Today, it confirms that people want to communicate their complaints in writing instead of verbally. Perhaps this trend is due to the fact that written complaints are more permanent and formal than temporal ones.

Thereby considering the tendency of people, Pisano provides products that enable communication between customers and enterprises on multiple platforms.

We put customer feedback at the center of our approach and we’ve just reached 5 million responses collected through Pisano, validating our belief that customers are more than willing to communicate with businesses. Technology gives us the opportunity to make great strides, but technology aside, we can still understand Nanni today because we have common values.

We have tried to see our customers through their customers’ eyes with each and every feedback we have collected, and we strive to help our customers get feedback driven with the power of millions of feedback. We believe neither mystery shopping nor market research tells best what real customers need, and the Pisano approach is crucial to being realtime, personal and ultimately successful.

When we look back today, Pisano served with the same values as if it was established 4 thousand years ago. With technology, we are serving our customers with very powerful systems today, but that attention to customer’s insight and growing with them is what’s best about Pisano.

We wish to be with our dear customers for many more millions of feedback responses…