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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM3 min read

Boost Your Live Web Chat Performance with the Right Tone of Voice

The meaning of “tone of voice” is limited to hearing and sound in daily life, but when it comes to the world of business it has a much wider meaning. The tone of voice which can be shortly described as a brands, an institutions or a persons use of language and attitude while communicating with its target audience, is an extremely important part of customer experience.

Live chat is an increasingly popular feature in web-based businesses in recent years. According to a survey by American Marketing Association, web chat usage increases conversion rate by 20%, and ROI by 300%. In addition to the advantages we explained in an earlier blog post, managing web chat with a tone of voice that is appropriate to your companies personality will help you have a more consistent approach while reaching your customers and increase the effectiveness of your communication.

First, you should determine your brand’s identity to define your tone of voice. It is completely normal to see some differences between the tones of a young and dynamic brand and a well-established and heavy brand. Let’s take, the two airline companies Virgin Atlantic and Turkish Airlines for example. While Virgin Atlantic is positioned as a dynamic, entertaining brand; Turkish Airlines aims to be a glorious and stylish one. These two brands act differently when communicating with their customers, as we can see in commercial films, social media accounts, visual materials, or digital marketing strategies etc. Concordantly, the tone of their voices would be different for customer support phase.

These examples might be far and edgy, however there are some common points that both these brands can consider in customer support. Especially in your web chat engagements, you can follow these little tone of voice hints below, independently of your sector or institution:

  • Having a screen between you and your customer can create the impression that you might not be real. So when you start your interactions, you can ask how your customer is, add an emoji, or make a polite joke. So you can keep the dialogue sincere from the very beginning.
  • You should be more serious when taking negative comments. The customers expects their problems to be no joke, and expect the customer support specialist to empathize with them and come up with quick solutions.
  • Try to be as positive as possible when forming your sentences. As an example, your tone can have very significant affects when saying, "That feature does not exist yet in our product, thank you for your request", instead of "I am sorry, but that feature does not exist in our product".
  • The purchase of your product or service by customers does not mean that they can know all the professional terms in your field. So, try to be as simple and clear as possible, avoid using jargon.
  • When talking to customers, make sure that all team members behave and communicate in a similar way. The same customer may be dealing with more than one customer support specialist in short periods. Providing similar experiences in each session would be highly beneficial in terms of brand identity.

You and your business can easily benefit from the advantages provided by web chat. Moreover, you can control not only the conversation process, but also the results of the process. Pisano's web chat service, which is available within the web widget channels, produce detailed reports and provide you clear information about the behavior patterns, expectations and opinions of your customers. These features help support your decision-making process with solid numerical data, by showing what your business needs to improve, and by giving you the data you need to set strategic goals in the future.

In addition to gaining insights, you can enhance your CRM database, send out marketing campaigns and announce product updates to your customers engaged through web chat. Thanks to the ability to ask questions and gather contact information in pre-engagement forms, even detailed segmentation can be done effortlessly.

With live web chat, Pisano will undoubtedly be invaluable for your business, and will help ensure you take the right steps in building your customer experience journey. Meet our web chat and other web widget products right away and witness the power of feedback with Pisano!