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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM3 min read

4 Effective Ways You Can Use SMS to Collect Customer Feedback

When was the last time you sent an SMS to one of your friends or family? Probably a long time ago and you don't even remember it. However, today nearly 6 billion SMS messages are still being sent all over the world every day; and SMS, which is available on all mobile phones, is the world's most widely used communication technology with nearly 5 billion users.

Even though there has been a decline in the number of SMS users because of the messaging applications like WhatsApp, which emerged due to the spread of smartphones and mobile data; brands think the opposite. With its practical usage and impressive access power, many brands send information messages via SMS and collect customer feedback.

Brands carrying out many different analyses such as CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) via SMS still consider text messages as one of the most important components of communication strategies; and contrary to predictions, SMS continues its existence by growing stronger. According to the research data, SMS messages have a read rate of 95% and an open rate of 98%, while emails have an open rate of 20% and a read rate of 22% only. This rate proves us once again the access power of SMS.

Some of the methods followed by the brands while communicating with their customers via SMS are:

Periodic Messages

Brands can inform their customers on different topics and collect customer feedback by sending SMS messages periodically. Analyses, such as customer satisfaction and NPS, are usually carried out via SMS messages sent periodically. The wording in the periodic texts is very important. Similar SMS messages that are sent continuously can cause the level of the reader's attention and the rate of feedback responses  to decrease.

NPS surveys performed on periodic SMS messages are one of the most frequently used methods by the brands. With its low cost and high access power, SMS can offer valuable insights on customer satisfaction and many different topics to brands.

Transaction-Based Messages

Transaction-based SMS messages are sent after transactions such as purchases, support requests, subscription/tariff changes made by the customer. Transaction-based SMS messages are very effective in terms of being real-time. Brands have sent lots of transaction-based SMS messages to their customers via Pisano SMS channels so far and achieved very successful results. Here are some examples:

 An electricity distribution company collects feedback from their customers via Pisano SMS channel. About 90,000 customer feedback messages  have been collected within the first  15 days from the start of the project, and received 88% satisfaction rate. The brand continues to work on identifying and resolving the problems of the customers who made a claim for various reasons and who constitute the 12% of the feedback messages.

Campaign Messages

Campaign SMS is a very effective method employed by almost all brands. At this point, it is very important to offer personalized campaigns for the customers. Sending an SMS message about thermal clothing campaigns to a customer who has bought a trekking shoe before can be an accurate marketing strategy.

Churn Analysis

Sending an SMS message to a customer who has purchased products/services from a brand but has not performed any action for a long time can be a good way to learn the reasons of this situation and to take actions for it.

Meet Pisano SMS Channel

Pisano offers an opportunity to collect SMS feedback with newly added SMS channels for its users. After the SMS service provider is identified and integrated with the system via the Pisano control panel, a high amount of customer feedback can be collected in real time, and highly valuable insights are obtained. These insights help increase the sales of the brand and customer satisfaction.