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PisanoSep 3, 2020 12:46:38 PM2 min read

2 Examples of Best Customer Experience Stories

Couple of months ago, we shared our bad customer experience stories. This time, we will talk about the two best customer experience stories from our team members Fabien and Serap.

A good customer experience can strengthen the connection between you and your customers and transform your potential customers into becoming a continuous customer.

In the customer obsession era, creating a good customer experience is becoming increasingly important. According to Salesforce, 75 percent of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage and 87 percent of consumers think brands need to do more to provide a seamless experience.

Now let’s take a closer look to Fabien’s and Serap’s experience.

Make Your Customers Feel Safe

“I subscribed to a website that offered a password storage system, but I quickly realised I had bought the wrong subscription plan. I wrote an email to their support team whose contact info I found very easily and they replied very quickly. They told me how to change my plan and refunded what I had paid for the wrong plan. They were really nice and efficient.”


Fabien's story draws attention to a critical point in customer experience. Your client should always feel safe when providing personal information. If Fabien had received a response a week later, the experience might’ve turned into a bad customer experience due to the delayed service.

Make Little Surprises For Your Customers

“On my last birthday, I went to my usual hairdresser before going out for my birthday party with friends. My hairdresser had an awesome surprise for me: He had invited all of my friends to the shop together with a birthday cake for all of us. He also didn’t charge me for that day. I was so happy that day. But too bad he has to keep doing this every year from now on.”


If you have a business where you can communicate directly with your customers, it will benefit you to have a personal experience with your customers. It is important to remember that in the process of delivering a successful customer experience, there are always dynamics that you might need to improve and continue to create a seamless customer experience.

In fact, in both stories, the main point of success lies in the fact that the business knows and understands its customers. Pisano collects data and feedback responses from your real customers and provides actionable insights to perfect your customer experience.