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Jan 1, 2018 12:30:00 PM1 min read

Pisano Grows with the Power of Feedback

More than 200 customers and 10M feedback responses in 2 years!

Before commencing our story, we would like to acknowledge all of our customers who believe in the power of feedback. When we first set off on this journey back in 2015, we believed that the crux of creating more successful businesses was hidden in customer experience. Since then, we've worked hard to champion our customers with millions of feedback, meaningful engagements and detailed analysis. And today, we're happy to announce that we've closed our second funding round of $1M to further spread the customer oriented approach and help even more companies worldwide to get feedback driven.

Since the very beginning of our operations, we've been providing industry-leading companies with effective solutions for customer experience and realtime feedback management. Pisano technologies enable companies to architect a better customer experience via supplying them with a large spectrum of feedback from many different digital and physical touchpoints. Through detailed reports and analysis created over collected feedback, companies are able to gain insights into their customers’ needs and to upgrade their experience to higher levels.

We believe that each customer journey is unique. This is exactly why we position ourselves at the core of the customer oriented approach and help brands create enchanting experiences for their customers. Our professional customer experience design team, which is led by academics and industry experts, constantly oversee, participate and passionately devise new stories with delightful lead roles for customers.

With this new funding, we now share this passion with two international giants: Wesley Clover and Vestel Ventures. We aim to adopt the combination of local expertise and global vision of these two very experienced teams and we are confident this synergy will pave the way for even more growth in 2018.


We believe that a culturally diverse team is essential in designing a superior customer experience in different countries for various cultures. We will feed our company culture with diversity and take a step further to become a global company. We have always provided the state of the art technologies from day one and now is the time for us to design the best customer experience with a diverse cultural approach.

The real journey begins now. And we thank all our customers, partners and investors for being a part of it.