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Nov 23, 2016 2:30:00 PM2 min read

Buy Nothing Day is an Important Reminder to Tango with Your Customers

Thanksgiving in the US is finally over, and now it’s Black Friday. Known as the day for huge amounts of discounted purchases, shoppers scramble for cheap goods on Black Friday. Revenue is good, everything seems fine, right? It’s actually not.

One time purchase, especially at cheaper prices will not get you the Holy Grail of business; customer loyalty. The transformation of a satisfied customer into a loyal one is a much longer and painstaking process than a simple one-time transaction. Mindless consumption is no longer celebrated by anyone; it isn’t even the norm anymore. Now, there are anti-consumerist movements like Buy Nothing Day which is not-so-coincidentally the same day as Black Friday. Plus, your customers are aware of what you offer and what you do not. You offer low prices once? They’ll shop once. You offer low prices sometimes? They’ll grace your business with their presence sometimes.

This type of consumer behavior doesn’t bring in sustainable revenue growth. What you need are those loyal customers who will shop at your business throughout the year, not just once. You especially need brand advocates who’ll promote you and improve your brand image. We’ve talked about the importance of customer loyalty for brand image in a previous post. What we’ll underline here is the fact that you have more tools and methods for improving customer experience (CX) than ever before. Awesome CX keeps people coming back for more, and voila. You have created loyalty.

Creation of course doesn’t equal continuation. We’re consumers ourselves, we know our continued patronage of a certain brand requires that brand to not just know us. It requires special interactions born from this knowledge. A brand must move beyond customer-centricity, it must go CoCo (customer-obsessed company; here are more details). CoCo’s provide personalized details and signs of “we-care-about-you” mentality at every touchpoint during the CX journey. If you are a Coco, a curious visitor gets swept into a close dance with you; several twirls on a properly prepared CX floor will turn that visitor into your loyal customer. The critical point is being able to keep this dance up with thousands (even millions, yikes!) of customers. Human mind, Excel sheets, heck, even CRM systems aren’t enough to fuel your CX management. You need real-time feedback from your real customers. Let the person be a new visitor, frequent shopper, cranky complainer, it doesn’t matter. When your customers can reach you instantaneously, when you can solve their problems before they leave, you overcome one of the biggest challenge in the business world today. Learn and equip your business with Pisano, the best CX management tool out there.

Are you ready to surround your business with happy customers?