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Jul 10, 2016 1:00:00 PM2 min read

Your Customers Attention Span is Less than a Goldfish’s! What Can You Do About it?

Research says goldfish has an attention span of less than 8 seconds (Study from Microsoft) and human attention span is decreasing day by day. As of now, it is said that human attention span is less than a goldfish because of the immense exposure to technology. As a business owner you must have already seen the effects in your business when customers in your store/restaurant/hotel/bank have grown increasingly impatient. The demands of your customers have increased and competition is almost impossible to catch up. What can you do about it? Well, we have monitored over 1000 locations including stores/rest/hotel to see what is the best way to help customers with very less attention span. Here are our observations which will immediately help you to gain the impatient customers to loyal customers.

Use Google My Business:

There is a high chance that a lot of your potential customers are not coming to your store because they don’t find you online. Update your listing in GMB and learn how it works. This will help you in gaining a lot of new customers who are simply looking for the closest store/bank/hotel/restaurant. When a customer searches for something locally there is a high chance of conversion when they find your business on Google Maps.

Use Social Media:

Social media is one of the main reasons of less attention span. However, you can turn the tide in your favor. Social media can be your tool to attract your customers. Therefore, your social media strategy should focus on branding and put your business on the map. If you create a great social media plan, you can increase the rate of your noticeability.

Run Campaigns:

Campaigns are one of the most powerful tools to attract your customers. When competition becomes impossible to catch up, campaigns run by you, help you standing out your rivals.

Campaigns should relate to your customers’ point of interest. So you have to know your customer profiles. If you can reach your customer via your campaigns for which most of them are looking for, your business can add more value to your customers.

Navigate Your Customer:

The size of your store doesn’t really matter if the customer coming in is unable to find something they’re looking for. Use navigation techniques to hold the customers attention. It is hard for a customer who is new to the store/bank/restaurant, this is why we see stewards standing after the entrance in some hotels. Make it simple for the customer to learn about your setup/navigation by using techniques or people.

Use Pisano:

Do you know when your customer’s distraction starts?

If you have well-analysed customer profiles, you can forecast your customer’s action. Customer profile analyses give an opportunity for creating successful customer experience strategies.

Pisano uses high-tech mobile solutions to gather feedback from your real customers in seconds, not weeks. So you can improve your customer relations in your business.

Pisano is a customer experience management tool for your business.

It collects and analyses real customer feedback to grow your business.