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Siyavash HeidariApr 29, 2022 11:30:00 AM2 min read

​​Voice of Customer Survey: How to Get Started

Nowadays, Voice of Customer has become one of the most undeniable resources a business can obtain to monitor and improve its customer experience. This concept can provide some data that still remains unrivaled. The benefits a company can gain by utilizing the voice of customer, however, is beyond just the customer experience domain as they can learn more about numerous R&D and marketing metrics.  

The tangible values offered by VoC are so tremendous that almost any major company strives to benefit from them. That is where novel customer experience solutions like Voice of Customer software can help them remarkably. Meanwhile, some businesses, usually the SMBs or traditional ones, try to keep things classic. This can also be done by using a set of tools and techniques such as creating a Voice of Customer survey, using a VoC template and analyzing the VoC results

In this article from Pisano Academy, we will talk about the first and foremost side of this triangle of tools and techniques, the Voice of Customer survey. With a VoC survey, you will be able to conduct a VoC campaign and start the procedure of collecting data. Here we will discuss what a Voice of Customer survey is, why it is essential and how you can create one. 

What is a Voice of Customer Survey?

A Voice of Customer survey can be defined as a questionnaire aimed at understanding what a customer thinks about a business. This survey can be as simple as a verbal question asked from a customer after their purchase from a shop or as complex as a sophisticated procedure created to run through multiple channels utilizing artificial intelligence.

It does not matter how complex or straightforward a VoC survey is, how many channels it covers or in what manner it is being used; proven figures show that at the end of the day, the company investing in collecting and analyzing the voice of customer properly will benefit significantly, in comparison to those who did not walk through the same path. That itself is evidence of the importance of a wise move towards the VoC. 

VoC Survey Best Practices 

You can improve the chance of gathering valuable and invisible feedback simply by designing a proper VoC campaign. The first step to this goal is obviously to create a perfect Voice of Customer survey. In this part of the article, you can find some expert tips on how to maximize the efficiency of your VoC survey. 

  • Keep it Simple: Most customers tend to respond to simpler questions rather than long or complex questions. 
  • Quantitative or Qualitative? Well, both: While your customers would prefer to respond to numerical, quantitative questions, the real treasure most of the time lies beneath the qualitative, open-ended questions. The wise move would be to include both types of questions in your VoC survey. 
  • Personalization Matters: Although it is not an easy job, you have to personalize the questions as much as you can. The simplest thing would be to have your brand name or logo where applicable. A much better personalization would be to segment your customers and tailor the survey based on them. 
  • Change Your Word: Yes, change your world comes after. It is critical to choose the best words possible, especially when the questions are not so many. A minor issue can either make you lose the customer or cause an imprecise response.


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