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Sep 25, 2016 10:30:00 AM4 min read

The Top 4 Customer Experience Trends in 2016 You Should Not Miss

At Pisano Customer/Guest Experience Meeting, Consultant and Academician, Ugur Ozmen said: “In the next ten years, people who cannot operate and analyse the customer data will not be able to compete in the market.” He stressed the importance of collecting and analysing customer feedback which will determine the future of business in the next ten years. We present you with five of the hottest customer experience trends in 2016

  1. More attention to social media

Social media is a massive and immediate tool for sharing ideas and thoughts. It is one of the strongest channels for introducing your business to the customers. You can reach your leads via your current followers on social media. If you pay attention to the customer’s problems when you are creating content, you encourage the customers to share your posts.

A business should actively use social media accounts because social media becomes an important communication channel today and more to come in the coming years. If the customers can get immediate and satisfactory responses from you via your social media accounts, brand image and bond between you and the customers gets strong. Also, sharing any updates in your business improves your customer relations. While you inform the customers about what’s going on at your business, you can measure the value of your business using your customer’s reactions on your social media accounts.

2. Tracking The Customer Feedback

Tracking customer feedback and insight is a very beneficial way to learn and improve your brand image. Action plans, associated with customer insight, raise the brand awareness because it shows how you give value to your customers. However, tracking and analysing customer feedback and insight gets complicated as the number of collecting feedback and insight channels increases. The action plan is not beneficial and unless you pick the right tool for tracking and analysing data.

Today, collecting customer feedback in offline stores as well gets comfortable using software. There are great products which can help offline stores connect their customers by collecting, analysing feedback. We at Pisano also have seen significant breakthroughs in the industry. You can directly track your customer data without delay.

3. Practical Theme Website

Can your customers find a solution to their problem about product or service? If you say “yes,” it means you are on the right path of customer experience, value, which you give to the customer, nearly relates to efficient navigation and detailed problem solutions pages on your website.

Navigation of your site should be simple and clear. The site map should be useful and seek bar should navigate users to the right point. At this point, frequently asked questions page is crucial. If your users can solve their problems about the product or service at the website, your brand gains positive value.

We, as Pisano, try to obtain every feature of practical theme homepage. For example, users can get answers in an instant by Pisano live chat on the website. Also, the team responds to the demo requests in maximum a couple of hours. Users quickly find what they are looking for by a straightforward and understandable website menu. We will be putting up use case scenario for each sector.

4. Omnichannel Rocks!

Omnichannel sales become very popular in 2016.‘Omnichannel’ has been around as a definition for some years, too. But it is necessary to make meaning because “omnichannel” has recently entered into our daily dictionary. In the omni channel, all channels are interconnected, barriers for users are removed, creating a seamless experience.

Pisano aims to help the businesses to turn sales strategy into omni-channel. In customer’s offline/store experience, Pisano kiosks both collect their insight and encourage them for shopping via survey and one-hour discount code, which is given in the survey. If the customer goes to the case, the customer wins a one-week discount code to use in the online store. So, the client is with you both offline and online customer experience. If the customer leaves the store without buying anything, you can learn why the customer does not do shopping using Pisano kiosk, settling at the exit of the warehouse. In fact, you can give a discount code to the client to use at the online store. While customers may have a bad experience at the offline store, they may have a better experience and what they are looking for at the online store. You turn happy customers into loyal ones by collecting feedback with Pisano digital survey.

We, as Pisano team, use the latest tech communication on our product as we target to build communication between the business and the customer. For the very reason, we developed Pisano Messenger.

Your customers directly keep in touch with you in real time by Pisano Messenger. You can see the customer feedback wherever and whenever you are. So you can turn possible bad customer experience into success stories by answering the client’s insight in anytime and anywhere.