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Jun 3, 2018 5:46:00 PM< 1 min read

Iş Bank Enhanced Their Customer Experience Management with Pisano

Through Pisano Kiosks, Iş Bank is collecting real-time customer feedback, reporting within minutes and increasing customer satisfaction on the spot.

Iş Bank was founded in 1924 and today it is serving customers through 1400 branches located in Turkey. Their aim is to provide the best customer experience to their customers at every touch point. According to their research, %87 of customers claim that they will continue to use branches. Therefore, Iş Bank is using the most innovative customer experience technologies to provide the best branch experience.

5eda47254bc6a582f6102c0e_is_bank_results-6da395a4“Iş Bank and Pisano collaboration is one of the best examples within our technology and digital transformation initiatives. Pisano’s customer experience management platform technology, is enabling instant feedback response opportunity for our customers as a result, rapidly increasing feedback response volume and quality. Through Pisano kiosks, our branch employees can instantly see the customer feedback response and in case of any negative feedback responses, they are able to take action accordingly. Pisano's real-time reporting feature enabled our branch managers to reduce the reporting time down to minutes. The positive customer feedback responses are an important motivation source for our employees.”
Iş Bank Digital Banking Manager H. Mete Güneş