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Dec 25, 2016 10:45:00 AM3 min read

What Do People Want in 2017

In Pisano we create solutions for those who want to get answers to their questions. Basically, we help you to create forms based on your needs and turn the information into reports.

As we all know, 2016 was a tough year and sometimes people need just to have fun. So, based on our needs we created a simple 2-step flow. Through our social media accounts in we asked our followers individually what they expected in 2017. Some answers were too normal actually, when others are big surprise… These are the results they shared with us:

Don’t Want to be So Lonely, Oh So Lonely

According to the results of the survey, 16 percent of participants want a new significant other for their lives. The interesting thing is that the vast majority of those looking for a romantic relationship do not have a candidate in mind. From the second step of this question (“Do you have a candidate in mind?”), we learn that “Theoretically yes” and “No candidates, but I am keeping an open eye” were top choices. “Practically yes” was the least picked option.

Our Advice for Loners: Think About What You Can Do

Don’t think too much about the present, think what can you do if you do not already have a candidate in theory or practice? You should meet new people by entering new environments. There is no need to be shy here; in the end we are all human beings. Be yourself.

Theoretically, if there is someone in your mind, you can confess. So, in 2017, leave all your prejudices and fears. If you face rejection, know that you can do better in 2018.

Practically speaking, if there is that special someone, but your communication is not going well, don’t waste time. It’s time to find someone new.

The World is Our Oyster

The second most popular choice was “I want to travel” at 16 percent. The most popular travel destinations are European countries, USA, and Asian countries. These are followed by Australia and African countries.

Our Advice for Backpackers: Just Go, Now

You might think you need these three things to travel: not having a responsibility, money, and time. All of them are excuses. Traveling and seeing new places is a passion. Long trips or overcharged rooms do not stop a real traveler. You are aware of the need to change your priorities in your life if you have picked this choice among others. Whatever happens, brace it and add it to your backpack. Leave the excuses if you really want to find a way. Be honest with yourself.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe: You Are Indecisive

There are a lot of people who could not decide what they want in 2017. It is quite understandable, since 2016 wasn’t that great for most people and 2017 is filled with so much uncertainty.

Our Advice for the Indecisive: Be Aware

We must be aware that life continues whether we are on the ride or not. This does not mean we should stop caring about everything. On the contrary, we must care and feel sadness, anger, and reluctance. Locate the source of your feelings. Perhaps, when you discover that you care a lot about a lot of things, the value you give to others will increase and this will help us become a better society.

Blast that Eye of the Tiger! Let’s Get Fit

12 percent of participants said they want to be fit in 2017. But, most them also said “I always sign up for a gym membership, but never go”. What a contradiction! Other popular answers to the second step of this question were: “I have already enrolled for six months” and “Do sports equipment in the park count?”

Our Advice for the Gym Enthusiasts: Be Honest

Why do we always run to indoor gyms when we want to be fit? Maybe you are not a fitness person. Maybe you are someone who likes to jog or walk in nature. Fighting sports can be your style. Maybe all you need is dancing. Discover and be true to yourself.

Here are the rest of the results:

Rest of the choices were picked in this order: earning money, finding a job, graduating and doing absolutely nothing. Regarding money, most of the people are waiting for lottery jackpot instead of trying to earn money. And for those who want to find a job, private sector is the top career choice.

Life can get dull sometimes; we all need some change now and then. Our purpose with this survey was to inspire people for this very needed change. In 2017, we wish you all the power to succeed at every step you take for those special changes in your life.