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Siyavash Heidari Jun 21, 2022 3:22:46 PM 3 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Experience Management Jobs

Suppose you are a graduate looking for an opportunity to start your career in the Customer Experience Management field, a specialist in the middle of your career, wondering which one of the Customer Experience Management jobs you should try next, or you are an executive or HR manager searching for the standard job positions in the CXM field to implement in your company. In all these cases, please read this article until the end as this is the right one for you as it is for many more.

In this article from Pisano Academy, we are going to provide an ultimate guide to customer experience management jobs and introduce different career opportunities in this young and popular functionality. We will discuss the most common job positions in CXM or the ones requiring CXM skills, regardless of their seniority, so that everyone can benefit from a useful approach.

What Positions are Considered among Customer Experience Management Jobs?

If you take a look at a job board like LinkedIn or Glassdoor, you can easily find out that there are numerous job openings related to customer experience management. They vary in relevancy from lesser related positions like Customer Relationship Management to the exact Customer Experience Manager positions.

But what does each of these positions do? What skills do they require?

In this part of the Ultimate Guide to Customer Experience Management Jobs, we will answer these questions.

Customer Experience Specialist

This is the typical junior or mid-level position for an expert in customer experience management. A customer experience specialist, or as it is also commonly called a CX expert, observes, analyzes and optimizes the touchpoints in which a customer is interacting with the business.

These professionals should have a deep understanding of customer experience management and its main concepts, as well as an eye for the details to ensure the customers are walking smoothly toward the path to becoming satisfied ambassadors of the brand.

Customer Experience Analyst

This Customer Experience Management job is more focused on the analysis aspect of the CXM. A CX Analyst utilizes different tools and metrics to find out the weak points of performance and the blind spots of the CX strategy.

Customer Experience Analysis professionals should be able to work with different tools to use them where needed. Strong analytical and presentation skills are also among the most important requirements of this position.

User Experience Writer / Customer Experience Writer

These two positions require people with exceptional writing skills. UX writers or CX writers are supposed to create the best experience possible wherever there is something for customers and users to read.

While UX writing is more concerned with the experience of a current user, customer experience is focused on a wider area of channels varying from marketing to customer service and user guides.

Customer Experience Designer

A Customer experience designer is a professional who can deliver the perfect visual experience to a customer. This is mainly focused on the touchpoints where a customer is within the brand’s environment, like panels, software and platforms.

Apart from being a master in design and graphics, a CX or UX designer should be aware of fundamental experience management concepts as well as the basics of different sciences like psychology.

Customer Experience Manager / Chief Experience Officer / Customer Experience Officer / Vice President of Customer Experience

These are the senior positions which are being filled with the senior experience management experts. They are responsible for strategizing the CX for the business and ensuring that the strategy is working according to the plans.

Overseeing different metrics like NPS, eNPS, VoC and many more are within the domain of CX leaders of a company. This makes it important for them to have deep knowledge about CX, besides being equipped with leadership skills and business knowledge.