Supercharge Your Reporting

Create stunning reporting dashboards customized to your business processes. Visualize operational and experience data side-by-side with advanced analysis methods. Benchmark results and improve your organization across the board with unprecedented insight.
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Your Personal AI-Based Data Scientist

Go beyond conventional graphs and spreadsheets with Pisano's AI driven advanced reporting. Prevent customer churn, surface key business drivers and focus on more impactful projects.

Custom Analyses

Build your own dashboards with an easy-to-use graph builder. Gain unprecedented insights by combining all data points from surveys, omnichannel analytics events and customer engagement metrics. And compare performance across channels, departments and products by creating benchmarks.

AI-based Text Analytics

Automatically analyze text in your data to infer sentiment and extract categories. Reduce the manual effort needed to sift through thousands of data points, boost efficiency and reduce cost. Quickly identify trends and reveal the root-causes of your operational challenges.

Tilda Insights®: Predictive Analytics

Leverage Machine Learning in your reporting with Tilda Insights®. Apply churn prediction algorithms to identify at-risk customers. And easily prioritize your actions based on predicted business impact to maximize return on investment.

Advanced Report Types

Easily build custom reports from the ground up with Pisano Query Language (PQL). Rapidly visualize realtime data with advanced methods like Cohort Analysis, Heatmaps, Key Driver Analysis, Sankey Diagrams and more.

Build a Solution Tailored to Your Needs

Stay up to date with the latest best practices in experience management with a platform that keeps evolving.


Enterprise Suite

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Survey Builder

Project Management

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Journey Automation

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