Flexible, Code-Free Automation That Gives You Superpowers

Automate repetitive tasks like categorizing & syncing data, triggering customer engagement sequences, alerting managers and more. Give your team super powers so they can do more.
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Get More Done With Less

Put automation to work and give yourself the right opportunities to get more done. Boost efficiency and cut costs across Support, Marketing, Sales, CX and HR.

Alerts & Triggers

Transform your digital processes with realtime automation. Trigger messages, emails and more automatically to boost engagement across channels and capture realtime data. Alert teams and individuals when significant events occur, boost transparency and accountability across your organization.

Two-Way Synchronization

Ensure all your data is up to date with two way data sync between the Pisano Platform and the rest of your technology stack. Spend less time switching between apps and copy/pasting rows into Excel sheets.  And have a single view of the customer.

Automated Data Processing

Update, categorize, enrich, forward data, detect spam automatically and securely. Easily implement processing rules through an intuitive interface. And transform data into insight, giving you context around your every move.

Build a Centralized Control Hub for Your Digital Business

Build a solution around your needs. Mix and match core platform features with Power-Ups that scale with you.


Enterprise Suite

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Survey Builder

Project Management

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Social Experience

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Knowledge Base

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Journey Automation

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