Service Recovery


Service recovery is the effort that companies put forth to satisfy customers by compensating for poor experiences they’ve had with the company, its employees, or its products or services. Customers who have experienced service or product failure, and have not been compensated or helped by the company, can become disgruntled or angry toward the company. These unhappy customers often stop buying from the company or even create negative publicity for the company.

Effective [[service]] compensation actions ensure that unhappy customers are more connected to the company. The critical point in service compensation is to offer solutions related to customers' complaints. For example, defining a free internet package to a customer who is unhappy with not picking up the phone will not be very meaningful since they cannot use the service already.

For a customer who complains about noise in a hotel, it would be more meaningful to try to change the room of the customer or to give a spa service instead of trying to compensate with a fruit basket. Before moving to the service recovery, it is necessary to make sure that the customer's problem is solved. Compensatory scenarios for the customer whose problem has not been solved will not connect the customer [[emotion]]ally.

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