Moment of Truth


The moment of Truth was first defined in 2005 by Procter & Gamble CEO A. G. Lafley. These are the moments when customers communicate with the company, having an idea about the products and / or services offered by the company, creating a perception about the company or changing the existing perception.

The first moment of truth (FMOT) is when a customer is first confronted with the product, taking place either offline or online. The second moment of truth (SMOT) when a customer purchases a product and experiences its quality as per the promise of the brand. The third moment of truth (TMOT) is when consumers give feedback or reaction towards a brand, product or service and becomes a brand advocate.

In 2011, the term Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) was introduced by Google as an online decision making moment. Click here to access the related document. ZMOT refers to the research which is conducted online about a product or service before taking any action. According to the research done by Google, 88% of customers in America do online research before buying products. Click here for more information and resources about ZMOT.

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