Customer Effort Score


Customer Effort Score is a [[metric]] that measures how easily customers use products and [[service]]s. It started to be used after this article published in Harvard Business Review magazine in 2010. In the research, it was seen that the effort put in by customers while experiencing the product or service has an impact on loyalty. The effort score is more prominent in the [[user experience]]. Especially in [[digital channels]] such as applications and websites, it is more critical for customers to quickly find what they are looking for and to easily perform their transactions.

Effort score is also a valuable measurement method to understand the approach or processes of [[customer representative]]s in [[channel]]s other than digital channels. The effort score question is as follows: “How easy was it for you to solve your problem / to find the information you were looking for through channel X?” Like the [[customer satisfaction score]], the effort score is calculated as arithmetic average. It is usually measured on a 5 scale or a 7 scale form very difficult to very easy.

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