Channel Experience


In [[Customer Experience Management]], [[journey]]-based management and [[channel]]-based management are two different perspectives that feed each other. In channel-based [[experience]] management, companies focus on the channels from where customers receive [[service]]s and try to improve the experience there with customer-oriented goals (See [[Customer Centricity]]). Experience management is performed under 3 main parts: Experience in physical channels such as stores or branches, the [[Call Center / Contact Center]], and [[digital channels]]. Each channel has its own characteristics, the benefits it offers to the customer, and the goals to focus on (such as the time it takes customers to reach the representative in the call center, how many steps it takes to complete the transaction on digital channels, how much effort it takes).

For a good experience, the service offered on the channels must meet customer needs, be simple, easy to use and have high interaction between channels (See [[Omnichannel]]). The experience in call centers and physical channels is mainly impacted by the employees who provide services to customers rather than systems. In order to improve the experience in these channels, it is necessary to focus on [[employee experience]] and improve their experience so that employees can provide healthier services to customers.

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